Where to get Biochar?

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  1. Ryan says:

    It wont be long till you can find biochar on the shelves at a store near you. For now, you can buy it the internet. http://www.biocharbrokers.com.

  2. bazman says:

    Why buy it when you can make it cleanly using sustainable source biomass which you already have onsite? Your product and site looks slick, good luck.

  3. Joseph says:

    Indeed, producing biochar onsite is probably the cleanest way. It always has upset me a little bit, that some companies are importing greenwaste from overseas and make the char on a plant in AU or that you had to order biochar from the US.

    That is why I think the guys from BiGchar did a good job. I came across this website accidentially while looking for biochar production and sale.

    They have developed and patented a mobile pyrolysis unit for biochar production. And in fact, it is mobile (mounted on a little truck). That is what makes sense to me in terms of carbon footprint.

  4. Rickster says:

    I would agree that gardeners and farmers should produce their own biochar as much as possible as part of their annual cycle (since annual litter decomposes so quickly so charring it makes sense)…. and supplement with other feedstock when possible, too. It will never be a waste of time. However, for those who prefer to purchase, please note that the biobrokers link above is associated with “eterna green” products, a Mantria Corporation recently charged with some securities fraud by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Apparently, they were selling stock on the pretense that they had more biochar facilities (by far) than they in fact had. As a note of personal disclosure, I’m part of a small, regional company, Montana Biochar Products, LLC,, just starting production this year. We won’t be selling stock on anything we don’t have. But, we think we can make it on a valuable product made from non-toxic biomass (small diameter trees cut in the wildland urban interface). Anyway, good luck with what you’re doing!! Best, Rick Freeman

  5. bazman says:

    Hi Rick, do you have a link for the biochar development I can add to the site?

    My system has come a long way, but still has a way to go, my workshop has been quite busy of late and the latest version of the pyrolizer is looking good, I’m looking forward to it’s first test run.

  6. RawBone says:

    You are living my dream, man – Bless you! I am in Walnut Creek, CA, looking for a way to start small recycling local waste to make biochar available to my community. So many designs out there but not all so clean. Yours looks great, are you willing to share design? Looks like a downdraft system, am I right? Thanks for the site. Please reply, best to you till later on… – R