Earth Haven Biochar

I have been involved in setting up a sustainable lifestyle project in the lush green hills of the Northern Rivers (NSW-Australia). The project is a joint effort to develop a sustainable biochar production business incorporated into a medium scale organic permaculture system. For a sneak peak of the developing permaculture system click here >>>>

The Earth Haven Website >>>>

They are offering a selection of garden bag sizes and bulk options.


Earth Haven runs Bazman Rumbler Batch Gasifiers developed and produced by myself. Feedstock is sourced from a local sustainable timber mill using chipped off cuts. The biochar produced contains NO chemically treated material and the production site in organically run with NO chemical sprays used on the 20 acre site.  The processing equipment does not come in contact with any chemically treated biomass or genetically modified crop residues. Quenching water is sourced on site and contains no chemical run off. Biochar quenched using some town water supplies may contain chemical water treatment inputs.

The biochar produced contains a high fixed carbon content above 85%. The feedstock is hardwood derived which helps to increase the products highly porous surface area.

If you are interested in developing your own sustainable biochar business and/or permaculture system please get in contact with me. >>>>




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