Carboncatcher UK video

The guys from the UK charity the Soil Fertility Project have done an amazing job of taking my base Bazman gasifier design and turned it into what is looking like a professional product. They have just produced a wonderful video showing just how simple the unit is to run and operate. These units/kits are now available for sale in the UK with both Australia and North American kits to follow soon.  The Soil Fertility Project intend to use the profit from the UK sales to help fund a unit for rural India and possibly Africa, this locally produced unit will hopefully include a water jacket designed to sterilise drinking water.

Uses 140 litres of wood chip
Takes four minutes to reach pyrolysis temperture
Total run time 95 miniutes
Biochar yeild 23% by dry weight.

I would also add you could expect a volume yeild around 40%

Emissions will always be variable depending on the feedstock and moisture content. I have tested my Bazman gasifier with a Tesco Flue gas analyser while running a sun dried (25%) mulch containing a range of shredded/chipped Australia hardwood and leaf matter.

CO – 40 to 80ppm
CO2 – 2.1 to 2.5%
O2 18%
Flue temp 320 & 350°C

The temperature in the top of the primary chamber taken from the secondary air was around 700°C. This is in a flame front but a lot of the heat value is directed back into the char.

The UK Carboncatcher website >>>>

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