Biochar and Liquid Condensate Trial

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4 Responses

  1. chad says:

    I am very interested in finding out a few more details on this wood vinegar trial. Did you apply the wood vinegar to the biochar or did you soak the seeds in it before germinating etc?
    I believe that would vinegar is a large part of converting to a “biochar” cycle not just for germination, but also activating biochar and also pest control – must have some benefits wen you read that Japan has used it for 2000years!
    Thanks for your time – I enjoy following what you are up to.

  2. bazman says:

    Hi Chad

    The Liquid condensate was watered down 50/50 and I used a syringe to directly apply the liquid over the mixed growing medium which included the Biochar blends. The high application rates ended up running out of the pots as they were over saturated. I did try a 100% Biochar soaked in the liquid condensate but found the seeds ended up pushing themselves out of the medium. Far to strong.

    The liquid condensate I used already has a high moisture content as the system uses water scrubbers.

  3. This is interesting stuff. When I’ve been making my own biochar at home I’ve been very aware that I’m missing the potential liquid condensate by flaring off the gases. It makes for a simple setup for yard waste and produces good char but loses some fertility.

    You mention that the condensate leaked from the pots when applied directly. What about leaving the biochar to soak in diluted condensate for a few days before using it in the pots? As I understand the condensate is full of nutrients that beneficial microorganisms feed off and might help inoculate the biochar with both these and other nutrients.



  4. bazman says:

    I have tested what the holding capacity of poultry litter Biochar is with regards to soaking condensates in it and I still would have had issues with the higher application rates I was using.

    Just looking at my notes I was able to get an increase of approx 40g per 100g of Biochar when soaked and let drain over a few days in a sealed container.

    I also noted that once the test was completed I had left the soaked containers open to air, over the following week all my samples ended up with substantial fugal grow over the condensate soaked Biochar.