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Firespire fire pit

The Bazman Firespire fire pit is a one off artistic piece and my labor of love to get right. It’s 2600mm high (8.5 ft), 1200mm square. Bottom section is 10mm laser cut plate, floating...


Bazman Rumblers in progress

I thought I would share a development photo of two Bazman Rumblers that I am currently making, one has been sold and the other will be available for sale. I have made a few...


Recycled furniture

Hi All In between developing biochar making machines I have also been applying my creative hand to a few projects including recycled furniture and small timber items developed for The GardenGate Nursery. The reclaimed...


Bazman Rumbler Update

I have finally updated the Bazman Rumbler page with a photo of the new units and some basic information.  


Biochar Culture Free Ebook

Biochar Culture Biochar for Environment and Development Free Ebook >>>> I liked to sections on biochar prep and blends etc, but the section on production systems lacked with regards to modern techniques and improved emission...

Methodology for Emission Reductions from Biochar Projects open for Public Market 0

Methodology for Emission Reductions from Biochar Projects open for Public Market

The Methodology for Biochar Projects is now open for public comment with the American Carbon Registry (ACR). We welcome the feedback of Biochar Producers and others that are involved with this practice, as we...

German mobile carbonisation in landscape management 0

German mobile carbonisation in landscape management

Dr. Carola Holweg, Sustainability-Projects, Freiburg, Germany (German language website link >>>>) Dr. Carola Holweg has produced an excellent poster showcasing her current work in Germany using a mobile BiGchar 1000 unit which was produced...

Carboncatcher UK video 0

Carboncatcher UK video

The guys from the UK charity the Soil Fertility Project have done an amazing job of taking my base Bazman gasifier design and turned it into what is looking like a professional product. They...

Cool Planet Gasoline and Biochar Refinery 0

Cool Planet Gasoline and Biochar Refinery

Cool Planet Locates Their First 10 Million Gallon Renewable Gasoline Refinery in Alexandria, Louisiana, USA “Louisiana is known for its substantial oil interests, but now will also have the distinction of being home to...

Fatboy Gasifier in Israel 0

Fatboy Gasifier in Israel

Nadav from Israel lives in a kibbutz close to the Dead Sea. Nadav and his mate Ahmed have developed a Fatboy Gasifier using recycled local materials, a pressure tank from an old hot water...

Fatboy Gasifier in the UK 0

Fatboy Gasifier in the UK

I have been working with David Friese-Greene from the UK on developing the Fatboy Gasifier for the UK and Indian markets. David is involved in the UK with the Soil Fertility Project which is...

Bioremediation in Dilmah tea gardens 0

Bioremediation in Dilmah tea gardens

The process they use to make the biochar in this video looks like it could be somewhat improved but it is good to see these sorts of projects.

Supporting Biochar development? 0

Supporting Biochar development?

I have to say I was dismayed after reading this article. Australia’s federal governments climate change bureaucracy waste of financial resources is unbelievable, this money should be going into on ground farm research and helping...